Manufacturers Representatives to the marine industry


Bosworth Company SeaLect Y-Valves; Guzzler Diaphragm Pumps; and Accessories

Delta T Systems by Centek Industries.  Engine Ventilation Systems: Moisture eliminators, A/C & D/C Blowers & Fans, controls. Louvers; Grills; Dampers; A-60 Fire Rated Dampers.  Modular Dry Exhaust Systems  

FTZ Industries Electrical connectors, Lugs, Heat Shrink connectors, fittings & Tubing, tools for stripping and crimping, Etc. 

King Marine Stainless Steel Marine Hardware, Stainless and Aluminum Tubing, Tubing Benders, Accessories, Etc

Reverso Outboard Flushing Systems; Oil Change Systems, Oil pumps, Fuel Primers, Fuel Polishing Systems & More 

Scandvik Plumbing fixtures, S/S Sinks, Lighting, Electric table and seat pedestals, Linear actuators for hatch lifts, TV lifts, Water heaters, Door hardware, ABA Hoseclamps, Dolphin battery chargers, Teak Wonder  

ABA 316 hoseclamps incl ABA Original, ABA heavy duty GBS (T-bolt style), Breeze 316, Breeze Constant Torque.  ABA 304 Rubber-lined, ABA 304 Mini, Plastic tail covers.  By Scandvik

Dolphin battery chargers are recognized for outstanding quality, supported by a 2 year warranty. Dolphin offer high quality, truly international battery chargers, at a reasonable price.  All Dolphin Battery Chargers and accessories are CE marked, manufactured to UL and ABYC specifications. By Scandvik

Teak Wonder is a three-part system to protect and beautify your teak.  Safe for teak decks!  TEAK WONDER® DRESSING & SEALER does not falsely darken teak, build up an accumulation, make the teak glossy or slippery. Teak wonder IS: Quick drying and does not smell. Two heavy coats are recommended on new teak. If teak is old or dirty, treat first with our CLEANER and BRIGHTENER, allowing the wood to dry completely before the sealing process.  By Scandvik

Separ Filter is an efficient water separating diesel fuel filter.  Space conserving with multiple plumbing options and horizontal pleats on the filter cartridge lends Separ to both engine filtration and fuel polishing applications.  Reference Reverso for fuel polishing systems

Trimaco Marine offers products that protect: Surfaces, Workers, Work-Spaces.  We also offer paint sundries like strainers, rags & wipers, etc.  Aqua-Shield heavy duty surface protection is among our well recognized product range.   Dust Containment Systems, Masking Paper & Tape, Protective Wear, Surface Protection, Noise Barriers, Films & More