Manufacturers Representatives to the marine industry

Marina & Boatyard Equipment

Aisco Boat Slings, Wire Rope & Lubricant, Synthetic Cordage and Rigging Hardware.   Custom slings and rigging for Travel Lifts, Fork Lifts, Cranes, etc.

Boat Rack Storage Systems.  Free standing racks, Angled racks, Portable rack modules, Ground-stands, Trailer racks, Jet-ski racks

Capria Stacker Cranes and Launchers for Dry-Stack marinas.  The fast, quiet, efficient answer to boathandling equipment for drystack operations

Golden Giant Marina Storage Systems.  Boat-rack supported buildings, 3-sided and roof covered boat rack systems.  

Keco Pumpout Systems for marinas.  Peristaltic and Diaphragm pumps in both fixed, portable and centralized system design.  Mega yacht facilities, House boat docks, Pumpout boats, single or multiple location pumpout systems.

Trash skimmer by Keco collects floating marine debris from the harbor or marina basin.  Energy efficient and easy to clear, Keco trash skimmer promotes upwelling currents while collecting floating debris

Reverso Oil Change, Diesel Fuel Polishing, Oil & Fuel transfer, Outboard Engine Flushing.  Fuel polishing carts, and gear style bucket pumps are great tools for your mechanic shop.  Reverso's installed systems are ideal for installation on your service customer's boats.

Roodberg Boathandling EquipmentHydraulic Trailers: Towed & Self-Propelled (5-160 ton capacity).  Roodberg's self propelled "Power Ship Mover" is far more powerful tool for your business than a basic "transporter".  Electric Pulling Vehicle for hydraulic trailers.  Mobile Boat Hoists "Travel Lifts" (20-500 ton capacity). Static Power Cranes and pedestal cranes (12-80 ton capacity).   


Trimaco Marine offers products that protect: Surfaces, Workers, Work-Spaces.  We also offer paint sundries like strainers, rags & wipers, etc.  Aqua-Shield heavy duty surface protection is among our well recognized product range.   Dust Containment Systems, Masking Paper & Tape, Protective Wear, Surface Protection, Noise Barriers, Films & More


Wollard International  Pushback Tractors for Hydraulic Boatyard Trailers.  Efficient, highly maneuverable, and simple handling solutions for your Roodberg, Hostar, Brownell, Conolift, Minuteman, etc hydraulic boatyard trailers.  

Wollard International Self Propelled work platforms (man-lifts) Mobile Scissor-Lifts, or "man-lifts".  These Boatyard Maintenance Lifts have a 2,000 pound capacity, with 16' and 30' height capacities.  Electric, Diesel, Gasoline, LP power options